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About xian feng

    Dongguan xian feng can co., LTDLocated in world famous manufacturing base,Dongguan central scroll town of guangdong province,Has a modern plant8000Square meters,Products covered by the food、Medicine、Health care products、Jinde、Gifts、Arts and crafts、Chemical industry etc many fields,The main products are:The tea pot、Food cans、The candle jar、Media packing box、Cosmetics box、The pencil case、Jugs、Betelnut cans, etc,Customers throughout Europe、In North America、Asia、Australia and other countries and regions。

    The factory now has800Many sets of mold,200And more than punch6Automated production line,We always adhere to thePeople-orientedThe aim of the,Gather the domestic can enterprise management and technical elite,To establish and perfect a set of effective working process and quality control procedures,USES the advanced management mode,Products completely throughISOAnd food grade detectionFDAEN7LFGB,SVHCInternational standard testing。

    From the plane design、Three-dimensional modelling design、Film output、Tin proofing、Mold design、Production and manufacturing,All links in accordance with the standard quality control system,And improve quality management level to documented、The height of the standardization,Ensure that the products are first-class quality。

    As the personalization trend trend,Consumers external packing of the demand is higher and higher,We will focus on“Environmental protection、Innovation、Efficient、High quality”The management idea,“People-oriented、Meritocracy” Talent strategy,The good faith is practical、Innovation and progressPrinciples of business management,Sincerely welcome tongren hand in hand with xian feng,Blend into the future,Create new splendor!

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The   Address:The town of dongguan central scroll Wu Jiachong north wang17Number