Old street long-term performance forecast the overhang
  From2018Years1Month1The date,My company will be in the old street at the overhang cafe backyard stage(Haikou city of zhongshan road)To carry out the huimin performance for a long time,Time is due to every Saturday、On Sunday afternoon...[Click on the details]

Known as“The south China sea corals”、“YeCheng a flower”The reputation of haikou city Joan theater formally named in 1956,Its predecessor was“New stars Joan troupe”,2012Enterprises set up by the end of haikou city qiong play performing arts co., LTD,Wholly state-owned cultural enterprises,From haikou city finance bureau sponsor duties,Haikou city tourism and culture sports bureau of radio, film and television industry director duties。Over the years,In haikou municipal party committee of the communist party of China、The municipal government under the correct leadership and strong support,In haikou municipal party committee propaganda department of the communist party of China、Radio and television publishing sports bureau directly under the guidance of haikou city culture,Actively carry out production qiong play、Job creation and performance,Strengthening cultural innovation ability、Development capacity and market competitiveness,Stick to it“Out of the works、Out of the people...Click on the details

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